Fish picnic – Medulin boat excursion

One of the best ways to get to know and experience Medulin and its archipelago is our half-day excursion by boat. As a welcome to our boat excursion the guests will be offered a refreshing beverage, a juice, water, an aperitif.

First we take a slow panoramic sail toward the famous Cape Kamenjak Nature Park, where we stay half an hour (30 min) swimming and visiting the cave secluded in the cliffs of the Cape Kamenjak, the Golumbera cave. Together, under the supervision and support of our staff, you can visit the interior and see the cave. After the short break at the Cape Kamenjak, we sail towards the famous Porer lighthouse, built back in 1846 during the Austro-Hungarian period.

By sailing slowly and sightseeing the other isles (Bodulaš, Ceja, Finera..) and hidden coves, accompanied by a strayed dolphin, we head towards Levan, the northernmost and the only sandy island, where we take a 2-hour break to undisturbedly enjoy the crystal clear sea, the sand and sunbath.

If you need anything or you just want to cool off with cocktails, there is everything on the island. There are three beach bars along with restaurants and there is a possibility to rent beach umbrellas with lounge chairs.

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Please book at least 2 days before the desired departure. Due to the large number of inquiries, we cannot guarantee a place on board if you contact us the day before departure. Thank you

Every day

Departure: at 09:00 or 12:00

  • people iconAvailability: Max number of 200 passengers
  • time iconDuration: 5 hours
  • location iconMeeting point: Medulin Port
  • payment iconPayment options: Pay on site
  • dog iconAdditional info: Dog friendly tour

– 33€ (220 HRK) PER PERSON
– 22 €
(160 HRK) CHILDREN 12-16 years
– 19 € (140 HRK) CHILDREN 8-12 years
– 15 € (110 HRK) CHILDREN 4-8 years
– FREE/ CHILDREN 0-4 years

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Explore Medulin with boat Tajana & boat Zlatni Rat

boat excursion in medulin with zlatni rat boat
boat excursion in medulin with boat tajana

Tour duration

Full Day Boat Excursion - Fish Picnic from Medulin


1. 08:30 OR 11:30 Meeting point

You must arrive before departure, fn the time period from 08:00 to 09:00 to get a ticket to enter the boat. Show the booking confirmation email you will get to the email. Zlatni rat excursion is at the Medulin port, the first advertising desk. 

2. Start at 09:00 or 12:00Boarding & start of the tour

Starting from Medulin harbor, we serve an aperitif as we drive and visit the Medulin archipelago, sailing towards the nature park Rt. Kamenjak.

3.First Stop: Rt Kamenjak and cave Golumbera

When we arrive to the Rt. Kamenjak, we stay near of the cliff of the nature park. We stay for around 30 minutes. Together with our guide, we swim into of the cave and. The cave is truly  magnificent inside. Swimming inside the cave is an option. You can also enjoy in swimming, jumping from high cliffs (at our own responsibility). feeding fish with bread which is also a big attraction for children.

4.Lighthouse Porer

After pausing and swimming Rt. Kamenjak Nature park, we sail for a visit to Lighthouse Porer built in the Austro-Hungarian period in 1846. Make sure to be ready to take some photos of Lighhouse cause it is beautiful.  We can’t stay with boat because it is forbidden to approach the lighthouse so we crouse around it slowly.

5.Panoramic ride to sand island Levan

While we are sailing towards the sandy island of Levan, guide asks you what do you want for your menu (meat, fish or vegetarian). Meanwhile, follows a panoramic tour of the natural beauty of the scattered islets and untouched nature. Levan is located at the very end of the Medulin archipelago so you have the opportunity to see and experience all the beauty of nature. Levan is the most beatiful island of the Medulin archipelago. 

6.Sand island Levan

When you have a delicious lunch and dine, we are ready to take a break on the island of Levan

7.Pause on the island Levan

When we finally came to our beautiful sandy island, we now have a break to swim in the clear sea, sunbathing and cocktails. On the island you also have a sandy and rocky part as everyone likes. For families with children, sand is ideal for you to play undisturbed in the sea and learn to swim. There are three beach bars and restaurants for you on the island if you need something like ice cream, coffee, drinks and cocktails. Also on the island it is possible to rent sunshades and sun loungers.

8.Return to Medulin

Now when the pause is over, we need to come back. We will return to the same position where you boarded the boat. Ride back to Medulin is around 30 minutes.


Security comes first! In case of bad weather or bad sea conditions, we preserve the right to change the route or to cancel the excursion for the benefit of all passengers. This decision is made only by the captain. In such a case, you have the right to change the term of your trip for an another day or we give you back your money.

For a better idea of our excursion, see our video and the photo gallery.

Feel free to ask for a non-binding offer or simply contact us. We are at your service.