Are you a passionate gourmet and want to get to know Istria in your own way? Here you will get an overview of delicious and traditional dishes that you should not miss. As the Istrian tradition dictates, the emphasis is exclusively on natural ingredients, meat and fish, wild herbs, aromatic spices and seasonal vegetables. Through a gourmet journey through blue and green Istria, you will recognize some interesting historical, geographical and climatic specifics of the peninsula.

Blue Istria

If you stop at one of the esteemed restaurants on the coast, try fresh seafood. Rosemary, parsley, bay leaf and Istrian olive oil will make your dish special. And the aromatic and delicate Istrian Malvasia will entice you to taste more.


a traditional fish dish. The original brodet is prepared from at least 7 types of fish with the addition of shellfish, wine, tomatoes, garlic and bay leaves, parsley and sage.


An ancient way of preparing seafood which, with the addition of garlic, parsley, olive oil and wine, seeks to preserve the fresh, original taste of food (fish, crabs or shellfish). The most famous are buzara made of crab, shrimp and mussels.

Black cuttlefish risotto

cuttlefish is a sea cephalopod that has a special place in traditional Istrian cuisine. The simplest and most famous cuttlefish dish is black risotto, which is why you will love rice in a completely different way.

Adriatic squid

It is the most prized of all species of cephalopods in Istria. The most valued are those caught with a special hook (peškafond). Due to the delicate taste of the sea, they can be prepared in a variety of ways – grilled, fried, stuffed, with vinegar, hot peppers and aromatic herbs or with a few drops of lemon and a little chives. Taste it at the Days of Adriatic Squid in northwestern Istria.

Novigrad scallops 

Shell Jacob’s cap. It is considered one of the most delicious shellfish in the world due to the mixing of salty sea water with fresh river water in the Novigrad waters. The mussel muscle is excellent baked, au gratin or raw. Taste them at the Shell Days in northwestern Istria.


A shell that has been considered a delicacy since the Romans. Its meat is extremely nutritious, and is most delicious in winter. It is most often eaten raw with a few drops of lemon juice.


A large crab from the seabed and a superb seafood treat. It has tender and sweet flesh. It is prepared mostly in a salad served in a shell with olive oil, garlic, parsley and lemon or on buzara.


Delicious small blue fish, the breadwinner of generations of Istrian fishermen and their families. It is best tasted grilled, and as a specialty it is offered salted or marinated.

Savudrija švoja (list)

Top white fish and one of the symbols of northwestern Istria. Taste it in many variants on the Days of Švoja – carpaccio, soup, with white truffles, with homemade pasta.


Delicious crabs from the vapor family. In Istria, they are prepared in many ways: on buzara, on the grill, breaded, with rice and pasta. You may also be interested in the raw version.


Green Istria

If the road leads you to the green interior of Istria, to one of the typical Istrian hills, you will enjoy the traditional cuisine of Istrian taverns and agritourisms. Taste meat and pasta dishes in the company of local Istrian wines – Teran and Merlot and Istrian olive oil. With the crackling of the fire from the fireplace, the smell of baking and the cheerfulness of the hosts, they will feel at home.

Čripnja (Istrian peka)

Dishes prepared under čripnja (round tin or earthenware) on an open hearth have a special taste and are baked for up to several hours. While you are in Istria, be sure to try meat, fish or homemade bread in this old-fashioned way.

Wild asparagus – a wild thin plant with a bitter-aromatic taste is one of the most famous representatives of Istrian cuisine. It is harvested in the spring and used in many dishes with homemade pasta and in frittatas. Taste it at the Days of Istrian Asparagus.


An Istrian dessert similar to small donuts. In Istrian homes, work is most often done on fasting days, on Christmas Eve and during Lent.


Traditional Istrian pasta made of thinly rolled dough, tubular in shape, 3-5 cm in size. It is most often served with truffle sauce, venison goulash or home-made chicken and with asparagus.

Istrian frittata 

Omelet made of home-made eggs with seasonal ingredients such as asparagus, truffles, prosciutto, sausages, mushrooms…

Istrian soup 

Recognizable representative of old Istrian cuisine. It is prepared by putting sugar and pepper in a bukalet (jug), followed by oil and mulled wine. Toasted homemade bread (grilled) is half dipped in wine and served that way. This energy drink used to be fed to Istrian peasants, and it was also given to the sick for faster recovery.

Istrian sausages

Traditional product made from selected pieces of pork, with homemade wine (Istrian Malvasia), sea salt, pepper, garlic, rosemary and laurel.