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Brijuni National Park – Panorama boat excursion

  • people iconAvailability: Max number of 50 passengers
  • time iconDuration: 1.5 Hours + optional stop fro swimming
  • location iconMeeting point: Pula harbour
  • payment iconPayment options: Pay on site
  • dog iconAdditional info: Dog friendly tour

Departure every day: 10:00

28 (200kn)PER PERSON
14 € (100kn) /
CHILDREN 6-14 years

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Please book at least 2 days before the desired departure. Due to the large number of inquiries, we cannot guarantee a place on board if you contact us the day before departure. Thank you

One of the best ways to get to know and experience Brijuni National Park and its archipelago is our panorama boat excursion. As a welcome to our boat excursion the guests will be offered a refreshing beverage.

First we take a slow panoramic sail toward the famous Veli Brijun Island. Veli Brijun is the biggest island of Brijuni National Park. We are coming close to the island. Boat is going very slow so you can enjoy taking pictures and enjoy in beautiful nature Brijuni National Park offers. When we pass east side of Veli Brijun on the right we will see Mali Brijun island with the fortress dating from Austro-Hungarian period.

When we pass Mali Brijun we come close to the Vanga island which was the ex summer residency of famoues Yugoslavian president Josip Broz Tito.

After Vanga we enjoy in 5 small islands: Sv. Marko, Okrugljak, Supinić, Gaz and Supin.
Vrsar is the next island we see. A bunker was built here to defend the islands at the end of the 20th century. Now that bunker is only visible from the boat excursion cause the island is closed for public.
Galija, Grunj and Madona are the next islands we see from the boat before having a stop at island Sveti Jerolim where we have a pause for 2 or 3 hours. If you don’t want to stop on the island you can come back after 5 minutes when the people get of the boat.

island madona brijuni national park Small
island obljak 2 Small
boat excursion in medulin with zlatni rat boat
island gaz Small


1.Meeting point

You must arrive minimum 20 minutes before departure to get a ticket to enter the boat.  

2.Start of the tour

Starting from Pula harbor, we serve a welcome drink as we drive and visit the Brijuni archipelago, sailing towards the National Park Brijuni.

3.First Island - Veli Brijun

First we are goin toward the famous Veli Brijun Island. Veli Brijun is the biggest island of Brijuni National Park. Boat is going very slow so you can enjoy taking pictures and enjoy in beautiful nature Brijuni National Park offers. If you have luck there is a big possibility to see some deers that come often near the coast.

4.Second island - Mali Brijun

Mali Brijun is the second island we visit.  Its area is 1.07 km². Brioni Fort Minor is a coastal fortress in Mali Brijuni built by Austria in late 19th century in order to protect their main port of the Navy. Now, you can enjoy in Fort minor in summer during the Ulysses festival.

5. Group of islands Gaz, Supin, Supinic, Sv. Marko and Okrugljak

This 5 island are the smallest island of Brijuni National Park. We can’t stop on them but we enjoy admiring their beuty from the boat. Island Gaz is shaped like a fish, Okrugljak was at the beginning of the 20th century inhabited by seven people. Today Okrugljak remains uninhabited and closed to the public. 

6.Islands Galija and Madona

Galija island is located in a residential area and is closed to the public.
It is assumed that the island was named after a galley, an old type of ship propelled by rowing.  

Island Madona was named after the monastery of St. Mary in Dobrika Bay on Veli Brijun island. 
Today you can visit Madona but only if you are a guest at Villa Brijunka. Madona has abeautiful beach which can be only used for Villa Brijunka guests.

7.Island Vanga

Island Vanga or Krasnica looks like an open shell and consists of the northern, residential, and the southern, business part. Vanga represents government-owned properties where vacation is provided for high-level political officials. There are plans to open Vanga island to the public but it is still closed for visitors.

Vanga is best know by  Tito’s residence for summer . You can find grape vines, tangerines and other types of fruit on the island. It is for us the most beautiful island of Brijuni National Park but it is highly forbidden to visit it.

8.Island Vrsar

Vrsar is another uninhabited island of the Brijuni Islands.
A bunker was built here to defend the islands at the end of the 20th century, which we can see from the boat.

9.Swimming on Island Sveti Jerolim

After aproximately 1h of boat excursion we stop at the island Sveti Jerolim. Jerolims  coastline is 1.16 km but it has a restaurant, lots of wild peacocks and nice beaches. People enjoy swimming on Jerolim island cause of the really clean sea and also cause there is a lot of fish. It is forbidden fishing on Jerolim over 40 years.

Stop on the Jerolim island is until 16:30.

Our passengers have a 10% discount in the restaurant on the island of St. Jerolim

*Don’t forget to bring some money if you want to stay on the island cause there is an small entry fee of 30kn adults and 15kn for children (children untill 4 years don’t pay).


Security comes first! In case of bad weather or bad sea conditions, we preserve the right to change the route or to cancel the excursion for the benefit of all passengers. This decision is made only by the captain. In such case, you have the right to change the term of your trip for an another day. In case you can’t go another day we will return you your money back.

For a better idea of our Brijuni National Park excursion, see our video and the photo gallery.

Feel free to ask for a non-binding offer or simply contact us. We are at your service.

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