Fun Summer Things to Do in Umag City, Croatia

Umag city is the westernmost coastal town in Istria, famous with its annual ATP tennis Tournament courts on clay. With a multi-ethnic population of more than 7,000 local inhabitants and a total of 13,000 plus the tourism sector. Most of the population there is speaking Italian. However, there are many exciting and fun activities to do in Umag during the summer.


If you are considering visiting one of the Istrian’s peninsula coastal towns of Umag, prepare to participate in a step back to Romanian times. With its fascinating cultural heritage and amazing architecture, Umag is providing a top-notch gorgeous beach, summer sports and Mediterranean cuisine. Here are some of the greatest and fun summer things to do in Umag City, Croatia.

umag beach

Beach Activities

In the city of Umag, you will find more than 40 kilometres of Adriatic coastline with a variety of amazing beaches. The closest beach suitable for summer activities is just 3 kilometres away from the city center, right next to the popular ATP Stadium. The wandering experience just going to the beach is unique and colourful on its own. Once at Laguna Stella Maris beach you will have the freedom to settle anywhere on the 300+ metres-long beach including umbrella rentals and lounge chairs.

On the other hand, right next to Laguna Stella Maris beach, you will find the Osmica beach including the best outdoor seawater activities with outstanding swimming pools. The main Umag beach is located 1.5 kilometres from the city centre offering many grassy areas for summer activities as well as friends and family restaurants with mesmerizing sea sights.

croatia open umag

Croatia Open Umag

If you are planning to visit Umag during the summer, make sure to watch the Croatia Open Umag sport event including the ATP Tennis Tournament. Since its beginning in 1990, famous champions include Marin Cilic and Goran Prpic. The seashell-shaped stadium is the host of the event named after Gordon Ivanisevic, who is one of the worldwide famous Croatia’s tennis players. The event is long over a week and it is offering a fascinating spectacle including parties, concerts and refreshment stands.

umag boat excursion

Guided Boat Excursion

Make sure to explore the surrounding seas and sights by taking a boat excursion while in Umag. You can choose between renting a boat and taking a ferry with an included sipper for the ones of you without any previous experience. This is a great opportunity to explore the many beautiful surroundings and enjoy the hot summer days in Umag. With the guided trip you will visit the oldest lighthouse in Croatia, located around two hours away from Umag, providing striking vistas of the Adriatic coast.

As a bonus during your trip near the lighthouse, you will find yourself on the most western point of Umag, the namesake Cape Savudrija. Also, there is another option, which is a trip to Venice which is a shooter ride with a ferry from the fascinating Mediterranean city to another one.

umag nightlife

Umag’s Nightlife

If you enjoy going to night clubs and you admire the nightlife in general, Umag is a great place with wide-rage of clubs and nightlife areas in the town. It is offering so-called “dance-till-the-morning” parties all summer season. If you are looking for a cold drink and dance music, do not hesitate to visit the Ray Bar. On the other hand, if you are enjoying rock music make sure to check out American Bar with its outstanding selection of beer. 

Just 15 minutes away with a car, you will find another nightlife attraction, which is the high-profile casino, inside the Hotel Mulino. Make sure to visit the hotel, located in the nearby town of Buje, just next to the Slovenia border. Mulino’s entertainment includes more than 250 slot machines and 20 table features at your disposal.

Marin Art Gallery umag

Admire the Marin’s Art Gallery

Join in one of the many modern art exhibitions at one of the frequently visited galleries in Umag, the Gallery Marin. It is a modern art champion, opened in 1997 and owned by a local artist Slavica Marin, the gallery was named after him. Marin occasionally hosts creative events during the summer for tourists to enjoy the impressive arts of high-profile artists and sculpturists including Dusan Dzamonja and Edo Murtic.

biking umag

Mountaineering Activities

There are more than 600 hiking and cycling routes all surrounding and across Umag. For the most experienced bikers, there is a 30-kilometre long loop around the Istrian peninsula including a coastal stretch from Umag to Savudrija forward to Kengara. The fina inland stretch includes crossing from Kanegara to Umag, along with many runners and walkers on the road. Everyone can enjoy the peaceful environment of the path that surrounds the city, regardless of the trail, you chose to hike, cycle or just wander. Following the main trail, you will witness the old town of Umag or you can even make your way up through many frosted areas around the city, including olive groves, sea sights, vineyards and medieval towns whisper from the past.

best restaurants in umag

Umag’s Cuisine

All across Istria, the cuisine is well-known for its deliciousness and quality, where Umag is not an exception. There is a variety of different foods such as truffles, prosciutto, seafood and homemade kinds of pasta at your disposal to try out. The wide-rage of possibilities is providing something for every different taste, from which the seafood is the most exotic one included in many restaurants across the city.

If you make your way to Mundoaka, you will be able to taste some homemade tagliatelle with black Istrian truffles with shrimps in addition to the best Istrian wines such as Malvasia. Regardless, if you are with your family or your soulmate, these places are great to test some of the local dishes while you are there.

walking umag

Take a Walking Tour

Umag is providing many different guided tours, one of which is the Tour of Trieste. For around 1200 Kn (150€) per traveller, you receive an easy and relaxed private guide, free of charge for kids below 11 years old. You should be there 5 minutes before the meeting schedule for pick off. You can expect a Treise tour with an experienced and licensed presentation guide, which is an amazing way to discover the charming city of Umag. 

During a walking tour, you will witness some of the most memorable and famous historical sites accompanied by fascinating stories and legends related to the visited places. Prepare to feel the strong historical connection and learn what was the importance of these places back then.

There are of course smaller excursions such as Hop on – Hop off trips including transportation and guide for the more accessible price of 29 per person. Unfortunately, most of these trips are requiring a minimum age of 18 in order to receive tasting coupons. These trips are offering free cancellation with English language option of almost 6 hours long. So if you have free time to spare in Umag you can enjoy a guided trip and learn interesting facts about the city’s past.

san servolo umag

More Summer Activities

Here we will provide you with a short list of the most awesome things to do in Umag with some insider tips:

  • Sunken Town of Spidar – Make sure to visit the remains of the Sunken Town of Spidar, which is believed to have been destroyed during 876.
  • Stancija Grande – Also called Villa Cesare is a farming and leisure complex built in the 19th century. The impressive thing about it is that it is now scheduled for redevelopment.
  • Club Adriatic – Located at Mepinski Hotel, this club provides gold sessions as well as several beach activities including volleyball, soccer and other friends and family things to do.
  • Istria Gourmet Food Tours – For the food lovers, the city of Umag is providing guided eating tours including 3 different restaurants across the city.
  • San Servolo – While in the city of Umag, make sure to try Istria’s best beer craft at San Servolo. This is the first ever brewery to open in Umag, Istria.
  • Enoteka Veralda – Make sure to leave at least one evening to spend, testing popular Istrian wines at Istria bar, Enoteka Veralda and enjoy the fine selection of wine. On the other hand if you like wine you can enjoy various wine festivals and events across the city during the summer days.

Bottom Line

As one of the most beautiful places in Istria, the city of Umag is well known with the crystal blue beaches along the very long coastline. The food experience there is not the one you want to miss as the many activities to choose from. Families from all over the world enjoy some of the most popular summer activities including the many beaches and pools, water slides and cultural performances. Many couples enjoy their stay in Umag due to the romantic environment with fascinating nature including parks and camps. We hope our list of things to do during your summer vacations is a great opportunity for you to try out new things and do fun activities in the city of Umag.