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Best 10 Things to Do in Pula City During the Summer

Pula city is one of the largest cities in Croatia located at the tip of the Istrian Peninsula. It is well known by tourists for its protected beaches and lined coats. With a population of more than 55,000 people, it is a wonderful place for your summer vacation. There are numerous mesmerizing Roman ruins to visit and it is a great opportunity to dive into the Roman culture. In this article, we will review the top places to visit during the summer in Pula city, Croatia. 

Best Activities in Pula City

The city of Pula provides a wide-rage of outdoor activities during the summer. Here we will list some of the most visited places and preferred activities. If you have never been to Pula, or you are considering visiting it in the near future, keep in mind that all the places and activities on this list are worth it.


The Temple of Augustus

Dedicated to Emperor Augustus and the goddess of Roma, the Temple of Augustus was built in the second century before Christ. Used as a church, temple and even granary, the Temple of Augustus has a long history with many different purposes. The temple used to be part of a three-building complex. Unfortunately, the main temple that used to be in the centre is long gone now, but the back wall of another temple called The Temple of Diana is still there. The reason is a bomb during world war II that almost destroyed it completely. Nowadays, you can see the restoration, which is just like how it was 2,000 years ago. The inside is a small space, which you can even visit for a small fee. However, the Temple of Augustus is the only remaining temple as it were then, and it is one of the most visited places in Pula City.

Pula Arena

Roman Colosseum – The Pula Arena

This is the most influencing part of Pula’s history. The colosseum is dominating the centre of the city and it is attracting most of the tourism in the Pula. It is fascinating how you can see the stone walls from almost any corner of the city. The Pula Arena is smaller than the Rome Colosseum but its three-level structure is undeniably beautiful and worthy to be seen. The arena was built back in the 1st century AD and it was active until the 5th century, primarily used for mass spectacles and gladiatorial fights.

It is impressive how more than 25,000 spectators can fit on the seating terrace of the arena. Another thing to know is the presence of a series of tunnels and rooms below the ground of the arena, where the gladiators awaited their fights. In general, the Pula Colosseum is one of the remaining amphitheatre structures that is still standing to this day. Nowadays the arena is used to host performances and events, which makes taking a tour of the Pula Arena undoubtedly a great idea.

pula lightning giants

The Lightning Giants

The Lightning Giants is a significantly new form of entertainment in the city of Pula. If you have never been to Pula then you’ve never seen anything like this. It is a mesmerizing lights display on a dozen of industrial cranes along with a waterfront, created by the world-famous designer Dean Skira. In fact, there are more than 16,000 lights attached, all remotely controlled and synchronized with a dramatic musical sequence. 

The lightning program is changing frequently and it is up to date with the events, which makes it an outstanding place to visit in Pula city. If you decide to visit Pula in the near future, make sure to take a look at the Lightning Giants. You can observe the light show every day starting at 9 PM lasting approximately 15 minutes.

pula aquarium

Visit Pula Aquarium

Pula Aqurium is place where in a unique way the richness of the Adriatic is combined with the centennial military history of Pula. The Aquarium is situated within the 130-year-old fort “Verudela”, once part of the powerful defence complex “Fortress Pula” built during the rule of the Austro-Hungarian Dual Monarchy. The historical fort is nowadays inhabited by hundreds of fish species from the northern and the southern portions of the Adriatic and several tropical marine and fresh water species, as well as fish from Croatian lakes and rivers. Meet our inhabitants in rooms, hallways, tunnels and the moat of the once mighty fort and discover secrets of the aquatic environment!

forum pula

The Waterfront – The Old Roman Forum

Even though Pula is not such a large city with only about 60,000 citizens, the Old Roman Forum and the Waterfront are great places to visit while there. During the summer it is so easy to take long walks around and enjoy the tranquil beauty in a city like Pula. This is an excellent way to spend a couple of hours, enjoying the sunset and watching the boats bobbing along the calm horizon. Keep in mind that It could get pretty busy during the tourist seasons, but if you are lucky enough to visit this place during the summer, you will be one of the pleased. As far as the Roman Forum, which is the town centre that used to be an old Forum. It is a perfect follow up as it is a pedestrian zone only overflowing with restaurants, cafes and shops.

twin gate pula

The Twin Gate

Just a few kilometres away from the Coliseum Arena is one of the oldest city gates, built during the 2nd century AD. The name comes from the fact that there are two gates, side by side, and their purpose was to allow a bigger flow of people inside the city, during the gladiator fights and other major events. 

While in Pula city, make sure to stroll through the Twin Gate. It is well-preserved through the years and it is a central part of the old town, in which many people are still hanging out. It is crowded during the summer, but it is a place worthy to be seen.

Riva hostel pula 1

Riva Hostel Pula

Staying in Riva Hostel Pula could be one of the best decisions you will ever make. Once you are done with wandering in the Old Town, the best time to spend the night is in the relaxed and ambient Riva Hostel located in the city centre. The hostel has a bar with an astonishing view of the waterfront along with the courtyard. It is considered one of the city’s major attractions. In general, you have everything you need, for instance, an ATM, storage for your luggage, restaurant, cafe and a room.

galerija makina

Visit Galerija Makina

Also called an exhibition space or contemporary photography, the Galerja Makina is located near the waterfront of Pula. It is offering a regular changing calendar of different outstanding pieces of art that are worth checking out. If you are interested in art and design, the famous photographer Hassan Abdelghani has an amazing gallery staged for you. There is also video work included in the museum, but it is available for visits only in the evenings. The open nights are an essential event in the Pula’s cultural manner.

drink croatian wine

Taste Croatian Wine

If you have never been to Croatia, you most probably have never tasted a Croatian wine. This is due to the production, which is mostly kept in the country. There are a handful of opportunities in Pula to taste a glimpse of their wine, which is often similar to the Italian. If you, however, decide to sample a Croatian Wine, make sure to try the red varietal, Teran and the white Malvasia, both of which are unique Croatian wines. Note that an organized wine tour is simple to do, as the Trapan Winery is easily accessible, located near the Pula city.

uliks bar pula

Stop for a Drink at Caffe bar Uliks

The cafe and bar is named after the novel “Ulysses” written by James Joyce. On the terrace of the cafe you will be able to see a famous statue of the legendary writer. The idea behind the statue is that you can simply sit there and drink your coffee with James Joyce. On this historic spot you will be able to enjoy the Pula’s Old Town drinking a fresh cocktail. This amazing site is open from the early morning all day, to the late night hours. Without any rush of tourists or locals, this place might be the best all in one restaurant in Pula city.

dolphins excursion pula

Observation of the Dolphins

If you are together with your couple and you want to prepare a romantic evening, that might be a great opportunity for you to surprise your couple. It is a cruise including lunch on board (fish, chicken or even vegetarian dishes), wine, water, historical art guide, sightseeing, sunset. It is impressive to have a date on a comfortable ship with a ride around the Brijuni National Park lasting 3 hours. However, the dolphins that you will be seeing will be in their natural environment. You can ofcourse add a dinner to your reservation, which is the way to go, considering that the dolphin observation is only in the evening. There are some requirements such as, 21 years old, because this is the age that you are allowed to consume alcohol in Pula. If you are considering a trip to Pula city with your soulmate, considering this activity is a great idea. 

Bottom Line

Now you have an idea of what to expect when visiting Pula city and you know that the summer is one of the best seasons to do so. Here we listed just some of the best places to visit and things to do, but keep in mind that there are many more and you never know what to expect. In general the city of Pula is worth visiting so you can admire its cultural values.